This collection was born out of chance, an unplanned meeting, a conversation about bags and a taste for crafts and fashion. Like all lucky encounters in Guanábana, this one has a good ending. We wanted to develop new products and in the search we found a wonderful factory, which has great experience in cutting and making leather, since it is cut and processed in the same workshop with four machines. We decided to develop this collection in lambskin, because in addition to being handmade, we find the most beautiful skins known in the world, due to its curl, tassel and color, as well as being a light and soft skin that can be used in some cases as reversible or double-sided. These skins come from the tanners, who in turn only purchase the lamb skins that are used for human consumption. They are natural skins and vegetable dyes, each one different due to the identity of each skin, that after meticulous work, the most similar ones are chosen to shape the bags, in addition to using remnants in some cases for manufacturing. It gives us a particular emotion because it is the commitment to craftsmanship, design and the Spanish hand mixed with our fabrics.
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Measurement: Width: 30cm approx. Height: 28cm approx.