LYRA Choker

Black spinel with rose gold beads

Guanábana present its new necklace collection and make it a bright and colorful accessory, with semiprecious gemstone beads that bring the sophisticate vibe to this necklace. This is hand woven by Colombian artisans and finished with an adjustable closure and a bronze tag with our mantra so you remember it: BE POSITIVE. The Black Spinel is the talisman of those who want to penetrate the deepest meaning of existence. As long as we carry it, it will enhance all the positive aspects of your personality. It will help you achieve success with humility and it will help you accept your failures with optimism. Give this Soursop necklace to someone who is going to embark on a new adventure or is going to face a new challenge.
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Approximate measurements: Length (Open necklace): 60 cm (23,62 inch) Lenght (Closed necklace): 28 cm (11,02 inch)