Bracelet Argantina 40


This bracelet is woven by artisans in Colombia, using ancient techniques. The patterns of our bracelets are designed in Madrid headquarters by a happy soul. This bracelet is woven on a handloom with 40 threads and you can adjust the bracelet to your wrist. Our advice: Wear one bracelet or mix it with others! The fine details of our handwoven textile bracelet make this a unique piece, you will recognize if it is a Guanabana Bracelet because of the patterns and by a small medal with our brand name and the words “Be positive” so you can repeat it as a mantra.
Details +
40 threads bracelet manufactured with manual loom. Manufactured with acrylic material which doesn’t fade, so you can bathe with those. Adjustable closing with thread makes easier the closing and opening. Approximate Sizes: Width : 0.3 cm Tape’s Length : 12.5 cm Maximum Diameter Opening : 26cm