Quienes somos
The quality of our products is essential to ensure their durability and uniqueness. To achieve this, we work with artisanal techniques, respecting local traditions and helping communities to defend their crafts. The artisans we work with are our fellow travelers, that’s why we get involved in their communities by investing in their development. Guanabana offers them the opportunity to choose stable and respectfu lwork in areas where work has historically been limited, unstable and dependent on the weather and the market. We already work with more than 600 artisans, mostly women, with whom we have a direct relationship, and we give them the opportunity to develop professionally and personally.
Faced with the fashion world’s tendency to constantly create new collections of cheap products with little durability, Guanabana chooses a different path. For us,being sustainable with the environment that surrounds us is essential. That is why we emphasize taking care of the processes we use and the environments of our communities. The result is a time less product made of durable and quality materials. Our design does not depend on the vagaries of ephemeral or superficial fashion, and so we expect our customers to develop a lasting relationship with the products we carefully craft. We alsop rovide sustainable, constant, stable and permanent year-round jobs for the artisans we work with.
Quienes somos
Quienes somos
At Guanabana our intention is to always see the beauty and the good side of things, because positivity is an attitude, a choice. That’s why we send the message “Bepositive”, through ours logan and our colors that radiate light, beauty and positivity.
Guanabana is heart, born from a passion. It is heart because of the love for the product that led us to create the brand and it is heart for all the people involved who make Guanabana a reality.
“The only thing that remains is change”.
Our permanent challenge is to continue to captivate and continue to provide work today. Guanabana is a living entity in constant evolution, where we dedicate our selves daily to continue generating new products that continue to delight as always.
Quienes somos