Quienes somos
For us, all of South America is light. Colombia in particular is green and it is blue. It is part of our life, a world of initiatives where everything is possible, where good things always goes ahead of bad things and where every day you have to reinvent yourself to get the best out of yourself. Colombia is there fuge where everything is arranged, where you breathe the joy of living and enjoy peace, life and love. It is a land of sensitivity where everyone is special, and people make you feel loved and important for who you are.
Our creative process begins in Spain. It is in Madrid where we design and innovate by mixing different craft processes to create unique products. We analyze European trends and develop our unique designs. We study the materials, processes, shapes and colors.
We look for inspiration in our travels and experiences, in science, in nature and in fashion.
We strive to create practical and comfortable products to fit the needs of today’s woman.
Quienes somos
Quienes somos
We produce both in Spain and Colombia. To produce most of our products we use traditional techniques inherited from generation after generation of artisan communities. It is a challenge to reach the quality standards we set ourselves and the production levels our customers expect. InC olombia we work closely with the communities, helping them to meet their needs and investing in R&D and in the development of their infrastructure and education. We currently work with 12 communities, with more than 600 artisans in total, mostly women, empoweringt hem and providing legal, regulated, stable and quality work in areas with limited resources. Our workshops in Spain are in charge of the complete production of some products, as well as finishing and reworking all the products produced in other workshops.
Guanabana and the artisans we work with form a team, we grow together and walk the same path.
We believe that all purposes go for ward with hard work and effort. Through our work we transmit our love for our roots and heritage. Through color we transmit our colorful and positive vision of life.
Our mission with our collaborators is to create business opportunities and provide secure and stable jobs for artisansin communities where work has historically been scarce, hard and dependent on the market and the weather.
Our mission with our customers is to delight them and maket hem happy with a beautiful product that accompanies them in their daily lives and with which they establish a lasting relationship.
Quienes somos